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Company Profile

Anhui Kaide Cable Material Co., Ltd. is located in Fengtai Economic Development Zone, Huainan City. The company has strong technical force, first-class production equipment, and a number of high-end production and testing equipment such as longitudinal shear machine imported from Germany. In the long-term business practice, it pays attention to the transformation and utilization of scientific research achievements and is committed to technological innovation.    

The company has always attached great importance to the technical innovation brought about by market demand. With the rise and promotion of mineral cable, fireproof cable, aluminum alloy cable and other special cables in China, the company seizes the opportunity to actively carry out extensive technical exchange and cooperation with domestic authoritative wire and cable research and testing institutions, well-known wire and cable enterprises and equipment manufacturers, etc., and at the same time, fully learn from and absorb The technical standards and processing technology of aluminum strip for power cable in developed countries such as the United States, Canada and other developed countries have successfully developed the aluminum strip with excellent performance in November 2011. Its main advantages are: stable molding, stable welding, not easy to crack, good tensile strength, high elongation, green economy.    

With special technology, reliable quality and perfect service, "Kaide" cable aluminum strip has a wide influence and good reputation in the domestic market. It is sold well in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, and is highly praised by the majority of users. It has established long-term cooperative  relationship with many cable manutacturers and has become the only qualified supplier designated by them. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty oriented, pursuit of excellence", and is willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad to create brilliance together!

Technical Advantages

1. Combined with the aluminum strip production process, the national standard GB /T 3190-2008 1060/5052/5154 H24 alloy composition is implemented, and the alloy formula proportion is adjusted to meet the requirements of high strength and high elongation.

2. The annealing method is segmented annealing. The linear relationship of annealing temperature rise and fall is adjusted to extend the holding time to ensure the uniformity of material annealing.

3. Combined with the particularity of cable equipment, the winding device of slitting equipment is continuously improved to make the slitting products directly meet the needs of electrical equipment with different apertures, reduce rewinding links and reduce costs.

4. The imported cutting tools are used to upgrade and transform the slitting equipment, so that the strip surface is straight, the end face is flat, and there is no lotus leaf edge, curling edge and burr edge.

5. According to the use characteristics of cable equipment,we independently research and develop rewinding device and rewinding products, which can be directly used by customers without rewinding link, so as to reduce the use cost.

Product Advantages