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  • How to calculate the current carrying capacity of wires and cables?

    The pithy formula in this section does not directly point out the current carrying capacity (safety current) of various insulated wires (rubber and plastic insulated wires), but is expressed by "multiplying the section by a certain multiple...

  • Conductor and loss of cable

    The conductors used for cables are copper and aluminum. Aluminum alloy and copper clad aluminum are derived from aluminum. Previously, wires and cables were made of copper conductors because of their excellent conductivity and mechanical pr...

  • Differences between copper clad aluminum cable and pure copper cable

    In recent years, with the emergence of copper clad aluminum cable, the price of originally expensive pure copper cable has become more user-friendly, which has promoted the development of China's wire and cable industry to a certain extent....

  • Conductor material of cable

    Large scale surface power stations in China are generally located in the west. These places are generally desert, saline alkali land and large diurnal temperature difference. Rat damage is also serious and the environment is very humid.

  • Quality problems of wire and cable products

    Innovative and pragmatic construction of enterprise technical standard system to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. There are differences among enterprises: different scales, different products, different technical fields, and diff...