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The market opportunity of aluminum alloy cable display products

Release time:2022-09-09 08:57     Views:

According to the director of the institute, the internal meeting of the industry held a few days ago believed that the possibility of the introduction of the aluminum alloy national standard before the first half of next year was low, and the standard formulation still needed time.

Secondly, in practical application, the substitution scale of aluminum alloy for copper may be limited. The heads of aluminum alloy cable enterprises generally said that aluminum alloy and copper have their own scope of application, which is not as good as the market rumors that "aluminum alloy cables can be fully rolled out". Although the electrical performance of aluminum alloy cable is improved compared with aluminum wire, there is still a gap between aluminum alloy cable and copper wire. In places with high temperature and humidity, changeable surrounding environment, need to be buried and corrosion resistant, copper wire cable is still irreplaceable; In terms of civil low-voltage cross-linked cables, purchasers will also prefer copper core cables.

The real possibility of large-scale substitution effect is in the high-voltage and ultra-high voltage fields of 10KV-35KV and above. However, the state has strict control over cables above 35KV, so this piece of aluminum alloy cable needs further research and development.

Aluminum alloy cable originated from the North American market. In the 1960s and 1970s, as the earliest inventor of aluminum alloy cable, American Southern Cable began to vigorously promote aluminum alloy cable in the North American market as a cable product that uses aluminum alloy to replace copper or pure aluminum as conductor. Aluminum alloy cables are mainly used in airport, military base, office building, residence, hotel, supermarket, college, stadium, hospital, factory building and other construction projects. The United States has successfully applied aluminum alloy cables for more than 50 years without any safety accidents.

As the aluminum alloy cable has entered the new technology catalog of the State Grid, the market is highly concerned. The exhibitors of China International Wire and Cable Exhibition have come up with their own aluminum alloy cable display products to gain market opportunities.

However, after in-depth understanding with relevant enterprise engineers, it is found that there is still a bottleneck in the promotion and application of domestic aluminum alloy cables.

First of all, the national standard for aluminum alloy cables, which is highly concerned by the market, has been difficult to come out, but some detailed standards have been published continuously. Such as aluminum alloy conductor and alloy rod standard.

"This is also a compromise way to deal with the current situation of aluminum alloy cables in China", said a director of a research institute involved in the development of aluminum alloy national standards, "At present, it is difficult to unify the standards of aluminum alloy cables in China. There are more than 100 enterprises that can produce aluminum alloy cables in China, but less than 10% of them can actually produce products that meet foreign standards or higher domestic standards. Although the composition of aluminum alloy cables is open, the advanced production technology of foreign countries is still blocked from China, and domestic enterprises mainly rely on their own research and development. As the cooperation between domestic enterprises is not close The research and development efforts are not enough, so there are many factory standards on the market. These standards are mixed, which increases the difficulty of formulating standards for aluminum alloy cables that meet the national conditions. "