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What new tricks should cable enterprises play when the overall growth of the industry slows down

Release time:2022-09-09 08:57     Views:

The overall growth of the cable industry has slowed down, and a series of problems, such as difficulty in financing and payment collection, have become increasingly prominent. On the whole, the domestic medium and low-end cable market has been saturated, with serious overcapacity. With China's economic transformation and upgrading, the demand for special cables in the fields of new energy such as communication, nuclear energy and wind energy, photovoltaic, aerospace, rail transit, high-speed railway, ships, marine engineering, rolling stock, new construction and other fields continues to grow, with good development space.

Since the special cable market with high product added value and profit is a blue ocean. As a new economic growth point for cable enterprises, this high-end sea must play. At the same time, the middle and low end of the "Red Sea" should not rush out and stick to walking on two legs. By expanding the share of the common cable market, we will pave the way to the high-end market.

The current situation of most cable enterprises in China is a single product line and single business model. The disadvantages of this state are obvious. The price of upstream raw materials is controlled by others, while the cable supporting components and accessories that could have been sold by themselves are profited by others. Building an industrial chain can rapidly enhance the competitiveness of core products. Therefore, playing industrialization is also a plan.

It is not easy to manage an entire industrial chain. Cable enterprises need a set of information tools to cover the whole process of enterprise sales, production, technology, supply, finance, warehousing and logistics, which can further improve the automation level and control ability of the company's production, and save a lot of human, material and other costs.

With the foundation of industrialization and informatization, it is easy to gain a foothold in the domestic market by virtue of the "two legs" of low-end and high-end cable products. However, to go abroad, cable enterprises still need to play the role of international development. Internationally developing talents is an indispensable element, and cable enterprises can drive the gathering of international talents through industrial agglomeration. Secondly, cable enterprises should actively explore various international capital channels, actively attract funds from international financial institutions, and expand the scale of enterprises.

High end, industrialization, informatization and internationalization are the boosters for the transformation and upgrading of cable enterprises. If domestic cable enterprises can fully implement them, they will have five strong core competitiveness: market, science and technology, talents, brand and capital. You are afraid that you cannot change the cable market! International wire and cable giants are just around the corner!